Originally from San Diego, California, Michael Coleman discovered at an early age that he had a knack for prose and verse. Michael honed his craft through his experiences in life and his understanding of the human psyche. This aspect of his uniqueness and range as a writer is demonstrated by his ability to write in all types of genres and he has material in the genre's of Pop, Alternative Rock, Adult Contemporary, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and his personal favorite Country and Western.

As we all know, life is filled with a great deal of pain. If a person is lucky, they balance out the pain of life with the triumph of living. Michael sees everyone's life as a mini movie waiting to be filmed. For some, their movie is a comedy. Others have lives that play like a Shakespearean tragedy. One thing that people of every lifestyle have in common is that love, heartache and deep emotions are things we all experience. Michael believes that if we learn more about ourselves each day as we journey through this life then we have truly lived a full life. That is how Michael approaches each day of his life and every song he writes. He writes from the heart and conveys raw human emotion and personal experience in his material.

The songs Michael writes are reality-based songs to which all of us can relate. Most of the songs in his collection are focused on various types of relationships, not only with other people, but also with oneself. Michael's songwriting influences include Paul Simon, Smokey Robinson, Loretta Lynn, Norman Whitfield, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Bobby Womack, and Diane Warren.


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