See Your Shadow Songwriting is elated that we are still in the top spot for independent country artists, not only for Phoenix, but we moved into the top spot for the State of Arizona.  With the relocation of our headquarters and changing our focus from our traditional dance music that we were known for it is great to see that our new home state is responding well to our new direction.  We are currently finishing up our new body of contemporary country work with our Nashville partners and will be planning a reveal for the new body of work which will include our long anticipated Christmas song.

The lead song from the new body of work, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” was recently reviewed in Flayah Magazine and we were given 9 out of 10 by the magazine which lauded us for our visual images created by our heartfelt lyrics. “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” is now available on ITunes and wherever you find digital music.