Commemorating its 20th year of creativity, SYS will be releasing a landmark double album. The double album entitled, “From His Mind” is a culmination of See Your Shadow’s biggest hits and some previously unreleased material that was integral to laying the foundation for See Your Shadow. The multi-genre record will surely have something for everyone as the SYS catalog is as diverse as those that make up the See Your Shadow Network of Stars. The LP will have See Your Shadow’s five iTunes Chart Toppers, our most infamous track, “Rug Burn”, our recent radio hits, “Missing West Virginia”, and of course the very first ever country and western hip hop recording, “Like a Kid Again”. The lead single from the retrospective, the mid-tempo ballad, “Take It To Your Grave” has already made an impressive debut on the national radio charts. You can find the two disc 28 song retrospective on all of the streaming platforms on July 29th, but you can preview it now at the link below, just click on the photo.