“Today I Do Became I Don’t” hits Number 1 on the iTunes Country Chart in South Africa making the song See Your Shadow Songwriting’s third number 1. We are really excited that fans have embraced this piece as we kick off our year of empowerment and this is just the first song out of the gate designed to inspire and empower our female fans. We were really surprised when our breakout record, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” hit number 1 and even more surprised when our Southern Rock instrumental, “My Worth” hit number 1 also, but to have a record that we were not even thinking of releasing claim the top spot as well really is humbling and gives us an exciting way to to kick of 2021. The music video for “Today I Do Became I Don’t” has become our most viewed music video on our YouTube Channel to date and we have increased the number of our radio partners substantially. We are just so elated that the See Your Shadow sound is resonating with listeners and through our work we can offer inspiration. We have so much exciting stuff coming down the turnpike in 2021 and we are looking forward to making this another banner year and what better way to kick it off.