With our recent relocation to Phoenix, Arizona, See Your Shadow Songwriting is excited to be in pre-production on a new body of work. With the vastness of the See Your Shadow Songwriting catalog, I decided that I would look through the See Your Shadow Songwriting Songbook and remake some of our earlier work.

For the new body of work, See Your Shadow Songwriting is going back to its country roots. The new songs are slated to be produced in Nashville. I want to tap into the vibrancy of the Nashville scene. There are so many things happening on Music Row these days and country music is going into so many new directions. We will be working with some of Nashville’s top studio musicians and session singers to breath life into this new body of work. There will be some great up tempos and a new duet that I really am excited about. Once the new songs are done, we will be partnering with See Your Shadow Songwriting’s affiliate, Metropolitan Photography Service to produce the videos.