See Your Shadow’s sound embraces the traditional country style that audiences love while remaining contemporary. Our new sound is featured below, but we have been behind many projects before switching our focus solely to Country and Western. 

Click on any of the titles below to experience the See Your Shadow Songwriting Sound both old and new.


  • Crazy Things Like That

  • Missing West Virginia

  • Simple Special Moment

  • Whatever On The Rocks

  • I'm Too Weak ( To Fight a Love This Strong )

  • When She Called Him Dad

  • Show Down

  • The Road I Used To Drive

  • Today I Do Became I Don't

  • I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello

  • Rug Burn

  • Take Me Out To the Ball Game (The Coleman McKee Remix)

  • Like a Kid Again from the Motion Picture H2indO (The First Ever Hip Hop Country and Western Recording)

  • Stand Tall -- The Official NAGAAA Softball World Series Theme Song