“I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” is the most requested song on Sound Machine Country Radio. Sound Machine Country Radio, which is one of the largest radio stations for independent musicians, has been a great partner and supporter of the work of See Your Shadow Songwriting and we are elated that their listeners have embraced the piece. During this time of Covid-19, and with so many people losing their lives, people seem to have really responded well to the message of the song which is about acceptance of circumstance and healing. As an artist, sometimes it is difficult to gauge how your work is going to be received. You just never know. However, I have always believed that a true artists’ job is to create the work however they are inspired to do so and eventually the work will find the audience it is meant to reach. It is by far an existential approach, and sometimes not the most commercial, but if you were to take a poll of true die hard artists commercialism generally is at the bottom of the list of reasons why they do what they do. There is always a higher purpose. I want to personally say thanks to the folks at Sound Machine and all of our radio partners from around the world, as the journey we are on can not happen without you.