Number 1 Again. We are so humbled and excited to learn that our latest single, “It Starts With Hello” which is the backdrop for our See Your Shadow Summer of Diversity and Inclusion becomes our fourth number 1 on the iTunes Country Chart in South Africa. Country music fans in South Africa have responded well to the work See Your Shadow has released and we are so grateful for all of the support we have received from our international fan base. “It Starts With Hello” follows in the footsteps of “Today I Do Became I Don’t”, the instrumental “My Worth” and our breakout single, the one that kicked off the streak, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello”. A lot of factors go into the decision on which single to release next and often you don’t know if you make the right choice, but the fans are the true decision makers and they have spoken once again and for that say a huge heartfelt thank you.