Making a difference through music has been a hallmark of See Your Shadow Songwriting and its work. As we approach the Spring and going into the Summer of 2021, SYS will continue this path. With the help of the vaccines being offered against COVID-19, See Your Shadow will be able to resume making those personal connections that we are known for, not only with our fans old and new, but with all our new radio partners and industry professionals and those who have showed us support over the last year.

We started off 2021 with our divorce celebration song, “Today I Do Became I Don’t” keeping true to our core country audience and our rebranding and while our main focus is always being true to our roots, we decided to step outside that realm for the specialty project, our female empowerment anthem, “I Know My Worth”. We owe a big thanks to our fans, especially those that are in South Africa, that took both of those to the top of their iTunes country and pop charts, respectively.

Celebrating the world ‘s diversity and inclusion is going to be our upcoming focus and we will be announcing our new project soon.